How can I best feed my Dalmatian?

Always feed with your eyes. A Dalmatian in growth should never be too skinny. You are not supposed to see its ribs.
But on the other hand, the dog shouldn’t be so fat that it loses its shape.
A Dalmatian dog in growth should always eat complete, well balanced brand food. After all, he has to grow up to become a adult, strong, healthy dog in the short period of a year, which can only be achieved with proper food. So never save money by buying so called scoop food from the pet store or the supermarket. These types of food are never stable with regards to their ingredients and quality.
The fact that they are recommended by the pet store is more due to the fact that they can make more profit, than due to its quality.
Preferably feed your puppy according to the feeding schedule of your breeder. An adult Dalmatian could in principle eat maintenance food, if no intensive sport performances are required of the dog. If that’s the case, we would recommend energy food.
We recommend giving him two meals a day in addition to continuous access to fresh water.
If you then give the dog a big bone from time to time to clean his teeth, and a reward cookie for good behaviour, you are a good owner regarding feeding.
Be careful with hand feeding and feeding from the table. Dalmatian dogs can turn out to be terrible slobs, and when you look the other way for a second, your dog will snatch the meatballs off your plate.
This is obviously not how it’s supposed to be. We know like nobody else that this is a difficult subject to be consistent with, because we hand feed our dog or feed them off the table on the occasion.
But we don’t get mad when they then try it with visitors. After all, we’re the ones who taught them…