A male or a female dog?

So, when do you choose a male dog and when do you choose a female dog. First of all, this depends on your personal preference.
A male dog will usually be a bit taller, heavier and stronger.
Female dogs are in heat twice a year and some also have false pregnancies. They may then also suffer from mood swings, which makes them not as stable during the entire year as a male dog.
Male dogs feel the need to manifest themselves towards other male dogs, but are often very affectionate and loyal towards their own family.
Female dogs are usually friends with everyone or just go their own way.
We find it important that we advise people on their choice of puppy from the litter. After all, a good breeder can see clear differences in character already, and can use this information for the prospective puppy buyer.
The choice of a male or a female dog can obviously also be determined by the fact that you also want to breed a litter.
In short, consult your breeder when making your decision.