How do I keep and take care of my Dalmatian?

A Dalmatian dog is no kennel dog, you just keep him in the house.
He prefers to sit next to you on the couch or to sleep in your bed. But if you don’t want this, you can just provide him with a nice basket in a strategic place in the living room.
Keeping a Dalmatian in the house can cause some inconvenience in the form of little white stiff hairs that stick to everything.
If you vacuum a bit more often and give the dog a good brushing outside, this inconvenience can largely be prevented.
Besides regular brushings with a rubber brushing glove, you can also brush his teeth every week. If you start doing this while he’s still a puppy, this won’t lead to scenes when your dog is an adult.
You can brush their teeth without toothpaste, because a dog doesn’t like this at all. Besides their teeth, you also have to clean their eyes and ears on a regular basis.
You check their ears for brown stuff in the ear by wiping it with a piece of toilet paper.
If the ear is clean, then it’s fine. If there is a lot of brown stuff, you should contact the veterinarian for an ear cleaning course.
To clean the corners of the eyes, you have to regularly wipe them with the tip of a piece of toilet paper. If there is a discharge of pus or if the eyes are inflamed you have to contact your vet.
You clip the nails with a special nail clipper that can be bought in every pet store. Especially the thumbs that are a bit higher up on the paw have to be kept nice and short in order to prevent tearing.
You rarely have to wash your Dalmatian. However, if your dog has been rolling in something dirty (some stubborn dogs like that) and smells like a cesspool, a refreshing shower with mild dog shampoo might be a good idea.
Never use shampoo for humans, because this is too aggressive for the Dalmatians’ fur, and usually degreases too strongly.