How do I raise my Dalmatian?

We are often asked what the correct upbringing for their Dalmatian is. We can only give one suitable advice: take your puppy to an approved puppy class, and preferably also to several follow-up classes.
These are very effective for you and your puppy. Furthermore, you have to be consistent in everything you do with your puppy.
Make sure you discuss with your family beforehand what is and what isn’t allowed with the puppy and make sure everybody sticks to this. Allow the puppy to rest and never disturb the puppy when he’s sleeping.
Make sure the playtime inside the house is kept to a minimum and save this for outside or in the backyard.
This prevents for the largest part that your Dalmatian becomes too wild inside the house. It will teach him to get used to the correct energy distribution.
Inside calm, outside active!
Again, be consistent but always fair and only punish your dog directly if you catch him doing something, and never afterwards.