Ch. Dalmacademy’s First Edition 1996 – 2008

Ch. Busby’s Freschman x Dayca D’Barch of Dalbury’s Clan

Dito was born out of the first litter of Dayca and was a particularly beautiful puppy from the beginning. When he was a puppy, he soon started to look like a miniature dog and he was a true showman. He received various titles and prizes. He was best fiends with our Mulle.
If the females were in heat, they used to sit together to act all sad.
Dito was a dog without any obedience training. He never really needed it, because he was extremely obedient. He never looked at other dogs and was mainly focused on us. He loved to carry around huge tree trunks in the woods that made him completely tilt his head.
At home, he was one of the few dogs that sometimes snuck under the covers of our bed. He loved it. If you wanted to chase him out of bed, he would grunt as loud as he could.
But he would never hurt anyone. It was his way of protesting. He was 100% reliable and just made a lot of noise. The last six months of his life he had problems with his intestines and we saw him getting old fast. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to him when he was over 12,5 years old.