Ch. Timanka’s Almost There 1994 – 2003

Ch. Risador’s Anton x Ch. Perdita’s let’em Talk

Our Ella was a liver/white female dog of an entire different type we were used to until then. She was our first Norwegian Dalmatian and our first contact with the Scandinavian bloodlines. Until then, we were mainly focused on the English blood lines.
The Scandinavian dogs were much more robust and excelled in their excellent build and “bone”. We were therefore elated that we got the opportunity to buy a puppy from one of Norway’s best breeders.
Ella was a totally different type dog than we were used to until then. Her character and her mannerisms were also different. Not less fun or sweet, but different. Jokingly, we used to call her “Crokkie” (from Crocodile). Because she could sit silently under the table and if you would hold a piece of bread under the table, she would snatch it very quickly, only to return to her perfectly still position.
Ella was an excellent and sweet mother and the matriarch of the line we still breed our current dogs with today. Unfortunately she had a pancreatic tumour and lived to be 8 years old.