Dainty Djeany of Dalbury’s Clan 1990 – 2004

Ch. Olbero Ozonelayer x Ch. Krystel of the Dalmatian Kennel

Djeany was our first selfbred female dog of the kennel of Dalbury’s Clan. She was a beautiful dog but definitely didn’t like shows. She would squeak the entire carried. So that wasn’t a fun trip if you would have to drive several hundred kilometres to get to the exhibition. So, no show dog, but she was a unique dog who could smile like none other. She was a sweetheart with other dogs, children, horses, you name it. She made the Dalmatian name proud.
She was even mentioned in the local newspaper with her litter of 16 puppies.
Djeany just experienced the move from Rotterdam to the beautiful Wilsum. During her latter days she was able to make beautiful walks with us in the woods of Wilsum. Djeany suffered from dementia when she got older and would at one point only walk around in circles in the living room. That was the moment for us to say goodbye to her.
She was almost 14 years old.