Dalmacademy’s Valid Version 2001 – 2012

Ch. Perdita’s Inside Information x Timanka’s Almost There

Our Valid was a rascal when she was young. A crazy girl that could be pretty naughty. Luckily, we already had a lot of experience, because she was sometimes more than enough to deal with.
Outside we always had to have a forward prying look while walking her, because she always felt like eating things off the street. Valid was a great mother for all beautiful puppies she had. She possessed the skills to carefully turn around in her whelping box until all of her puppies were laying right next to her. She had three stomach torsions, where she miraculously recovered from each time.
A half year after the last torsion it happened again and we had to make the decision to say goodbye to her.
She was almost 12 years old.