Dayca D’Barch of Dalbury’s Clan 1994 – 2001

Ch. Andrew of the Stallions Stable x Dainty Djeany of Dalbury’s Clan

Our super Dayc, as we called her, was a true Dalmatian. Very stubborn but also a real lady. She was intelligent and very affectionate.
She was the owner’s favourite. She could talk in her own doggy way and always made clear what she wanted.
She also recognised certain specific objects, such as an egg. It didn’t matter whether it was a nicely boiled egg she would get a piece of, or a stone egg or a candle in the shape of an egg.
An egg was an egg to her. She became the matriarch of the Dalmacademy’s kennel and the dog that brought the owners together. She gave birth to two different litters.
Playing mother was not her favourite thing to do. She was bored in the whelping box and preferred to sit with us in the living room. Instead, she loved to play with a ball or to swim.
Sadly, Dayca became seriously ill when she was still young and passed away before her seventh birthday.