Timanka’s Just Harvesting 2000 – 2010

Timanka’s Harvest Gold x Ch. Timanka’s Collectors Item

Our Mulle was something special. He was a puppy from the latest bred Timanka litter from Anne Lund. We were extremely happy that she and Rune picked out this beautiful dog for us. Mulle was a great kind soul to us.
However, cats could better not get to close, because they would otherwise had to fear for their life. During his dog life we experienced a lot with him, especially the hernia he got when he was still young, which made him unable to walk.
He underwent surgery in a special animal clinic in Antwerp.
After a recovery period of about six weeks he could move around again. We were so happy!
He rocked on for several more years. He also started having problems with his intestines and emaciated greatly.
Shortly before he would turn 10 years old, he passed away.