Our kennel

a first impression of our home

We live in the beautiful county of Bentheim, close to the Dutch border. From Nordhorn, you can drive to our kennel in the beautiful wooded Wilsum in about 20 minutes. A drive that will take you through beautiful landscapes.

With our kennel, we mean our house we live in with our son and the dogs. Of course we have excellent indoor and outdoor facilities for our dogs and puppies next to our own living area.
Space and cleanliness are our priorities. We have a nice detached house with a lot of space inside and around the house.

We believe that breeders have to have a lot of room to even be able to breed. Unlike in the Netherlands, this is set in the regulations of the breed club in Germany.
A kennel has to meet a number of minimum requirements to prevent people who have a too small house or lack an outside play area or enclosure for puppies from breeding.
We think that keeping our Dalmatian dogs in our house is fine, since Dalmatians are company dogs after all. Keeping dogs inside the house comes with certain rules.

Our dogs live with us and not the other way around. They have their own basket and they are taught to be calm inside the house. This behaviour is positive for the dog, but also for the upbringing of your puppy who learns these behaviours during its growing up phase with us as breeders.
In the following sections we would like to take you on a tour through our kennel. We also tell you a bit more about the quality requirements our kennel and our dogs have to meet.

Our kennel spaces

We made the decision to let the puppies be born with us in the office.
This is an area on the ground floor of our house, which is directly adjacent to the living room.
The mother dog can give birth here in peace with the familiar presence of us by her side.
In this way, we can monitor the puppies the entire day, especially during that exciting time when the puppies are still very little and vulnerable.

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Our outdoor facilities

From our covered outside puppy area, our puppies can, once they’re a bit bigger and more independent, move through a closable passage to their beautiful large puppy meadow.
This meadow can exclusively be used by them and is fenced off by a firm, but especially safe fence.
The meadow is protected beside our house and can’t be directly seen from the street side. The children from our village however know how to easily get to the meadow.

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Quality requirements

Our kennel for Dalmatian dogs falls under the strict German rules with regard to the breeding regulations.
We are a member of the Dalmatiner Verein Deutschand (DVD) (Dalmatian Club Germany) and the Nederlandse Club voor Dalmatische Honden (NCDH) (Dutch Club for Dalmatian Dogs).
Our kennel meets Germany’s strict regulations for keeping and breeding Dalmatian dogs and we have the so-called “VDH ‘Zuchterziegel”.

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