Yes, I want a puppy from your kennel

You have decided that you want a Dalmatian to be your new housemate. We’re sure you have read some information already about this fantastic breed.
You have made the choice to purchase a puppy from our kennel. We thank you very much for placing your trust in us. Have you made your choice already known?
If not, feel free to contact us, or fill in the puppy interesseformulier.


But what can you expect from us as the breeder?
During the exciting time you still have to wait for your Dalmatian puppy, we’re here for you with all kinds of tips and help to prepare your family and your house for the coming of your puppy.
Also, when you have already picked up the puppy and the upbringing phase has started, you can of course still come to us for some good advice.

Optimal attention for the socialisation of your puppy

We only breed if we can spend the optimal time and attention to our dogs and the puppies.
Raising a litter is very time consuming and is an important responsibility.
We only have about 8 or 9 weeks to raise your future puppy with all the love and affection it needs, and above all to socialise it in the best way possible.
You can imagine that this requires quite a lot of effort. You will probably understand that breeding a nest of Dalmatian puppies can’t be done on the side.
Continuously producing puppies is therefore not possible in our opinion.
The media warns you for buying puppies at so-called puppy mills. These are breeders that continuously have puppies, often from more than one breed. They often also have many adult dogs.
You can imagine that it is almost impossible to give all dogs, but especially all puppies, the proper individual attention. The chance of buying a puppy from them that isn’t socialised, is therefore quite large.

The purchase agreement

When you have decided you want to buy a Dalmatian puppy from us, we draw up a purchase agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to provide you with a guarantee about the health of the parents of the puppy. Also, we offer you the guarantee that you buy a healthy puppy from us.
On the other hand, we expect you to take the best possible care of your dog, and if you decide to breed with your Dalmatian dog, you will do this according to the guidelines of the breed club in the country you live in.

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