Why choose our kennel?

You are about to make an important decision; purchasing a Dalmatian puppy.
But just as important as the choice you make for the Dalmatian dog, is the choice of the breeder of your future puppy.
We are true dog lovers and experienced breeders who know everything about the breed. This means that we don’t have commercial purposes and breed solely for the love of this beautiful breed.

Although at first sight all kennel looks similar, this is not the case.
Our kennel for Dalmatian dogs has been around since 1990 and stands for quality and definitely not for quantity !
Quality you will be able to recognise as a buyer.

We will mention the most important points, here on our website:

  • We are a member of the “Dalmatiner Verein Deutschland” (DVD) (Dalmatian Club Germany), and the “Nederlandse Club voor Dalmatische Honden” (NCDH) (Dutch Club for Dalmatian Dogs).
  • We meet the strict German breeding regulations. We also generously meet the Dutch breeding regulations.
  • We only breed one breed, the Dalmatian dog, and completely focus on this breed.
  • We are not a puppy mill where multiple breeds are bred and kept.
  • We spend the optimal amount of time and attention to the socialisation of your puppy.
  • Your puppy will grow up inside our house.
  • Your puppy will have plenty of contact with children.
  • Outside, the puppies have a large enclosed playing meadow where they can safely run and play with their brothers and sisters.
  • All of our dogs have had hearing tests.
  • The hips of our dogs are tested for HD and assessed as excellent by the official institution.
  • We have a purchase agreement with you, with guarantee for you as a buyer.
  • You can always contact us for questions and advice, even after you’ve picked up the puppy.

If you want to learn more about our kennel, feel free to continue reading in the section: our kennel.