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Are you thinking about getting a Dalmatian? Have you read some things about the Dalmatian dog and are you excited about this breed?
Now you’re only looking for a responsible breeder you can connect with, and of course a healthy, beautiful, but especially sweet Dalmatian puppy.

We would love to help you find the right match between you and your future new housemate.
Through our puppy interest form you can fill in on this page, you will let us know what your wishes are.
Once we have received your application, we will contact you to make further arrangements with you.

We put all requests in order of receipt on our puppy list, and will take your wishes into account as much as possible.

Normally you will receive an answer/confirmation from us within a few days.
If you have not received an answer within a few days, please contact us by phone, then something might have gone wrong…

The data you entered will be treated discreetly and will NOT be given to third parties.
Your data ONLY serves to indicate your non-binding interest.
When it finally comes to buying a puppy, this information is processed in the purchase agreement.
Later, we will delete all personal data.

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