Fam. van Korven with Dalmacademy’s Doing it Dutch (Rex)

First of all, congratulations with the new litter.
If they all turn out to be beautiful dogs like Rex, you can be proud.

Rex is usually a sweetheart, but sometimes also “selectively” deaf.
When we’re walking in the fields and he’s off the leash, we have to pay close attention. Otherwise mister will be sniffing the fields in search of rabbits and birds. We have to then call him back every time, but if he feels he didn’t have enough attention, he will all of a sudden become deaf. It’s funny in a way.

Other than that, Rex is a real lumberjack, just like Saar. If mister is home alone, and things aren’t going fast enough for him, all kinds of things will be laying around the backyard; garden gloves, tools, pieces of wood, cardboard boxes completely torn to pieces, etc.

Inside the house, Rex is very calm. He sleeps nicely on his mat, but also hears the doors of cupboards open. He has a specially sensitive ear for the refrigerator door.

He loves to cuddle on his mat with Jens or Aniek. He really wraps his paws around them. It’s very cute to see.


Ton and Henny van Korven
Aniek and Jens