Anja Marinus with Dalmacademy’s Copyright (Satan)

I’m Anja Marinus, and this is our buddy Copyright (we call him Satan).
In 2008 I met a nice guy (Gerrit) through work, and I’m married to him now. We started living together after only a month, and we talked about having a dog some time, and since I have always wanted a Dalmatian, we started looking for one in 2008.
That’s how I came across Dalmacademy’s, so I sent them an email, saying I would want a male with black ears (I didn’t know they had a litter at that time).
Not even 30 seconds after sending my e-mail I already received a reply … they had a male dog with black ears, and we should come over to see if we would have a connection.
So I said to Gerrit: “If we go over there, we’ll definitely end up with a dog, because how can you not connect to a Dalmatian puppy!”
No sooner said than done, off to Wilsum!!

When we got there, we were greeted by two happy Dalmatians, Valid Version and Mulle. In a fenced area, there were two more puppies of Valid Version, which were Collectors Item (who is expecting her second litter as I’m writing this) and Copyright!
Of course it was love at first sight, and after chatting for about an hour we could bring our new family member home…
It was a long drive back to the Veluwe, because we didn’t have a seatbelt, so I had to take the little rascal on my lap. It was all very exciting for him!
When we got home, the cats immediately told him who’s boss. We had already bought some thing and we made the cage half the size, so Satan could sleep in it.
When we went to bed at night, he squeaked for about 15 minutes, but then never again. Unfortunately, the first year of adolescence is quite long , but Satan grew up to be a very sweet, big, everyone’s friend!
He loves to lay on your lap, but he will always be a Dalmatian, so we have to pay attention in the woods that he doesn’t chase animals, and when he’s eating he has to stay in his place and lay flat, because otherwise he starts to drool, which we don’t like during dinner.

He’s our first dog and we raised him pretty well without a course! He likes everyone and is calm in the house, because he gets sufficient exercise; I take him to my horse every day and he comes along during our rides through the woods.
We also take him hiking in the weekend and a 40km walk is no problem for him! We taught him not to bark, and he doesn’t, despite the many dogs in the neighbourhood that bark all the time. He only barks when he’s playing or if he doesn’t trust someone.
The guidance from Dalmacademy’s has been excellent. We received a lot of information to take home with us and Satan already had his first basic shots.
All things considered, we are very happy with him and we hope he will live to become very old!!


Gerrit, Anja and Satan