Fam. Heijnen with, among others, Dalmacademy’s Push the Limits (Dobber)

Hello, we’re the Heijnen family and we have 3 Dalmatians from Dalmacademy’s and we have been very happy with them for the past 12 years.

Dobber, a male, is the oldest dog and is no 12 years. Then there’s Tess, a 11 year old female and last but not least, our Sammy, a 4 year old male.
All three of them are very different, but they all are very sweet and sociable. They really love to be around you, they are really cosy animals.
Dobber is just like a real person, Tess is stubborn and always goes her own way, and Sammy is a crazy young dog, sociable, enthusiastic, happy, and he’s the only one that can smile.

The two oldest ones are really old now, but we hope they stay with us for some more time. They are very loyal dogs and love to be outside a lot. It’s a super couple and we’re happy we ended up with Dalmacademy’s in 2001. We are Femke and Arne very grateful for these nice fellows. You can see from the dogs that they come from a very good litter.

Heijnen family