Fam. Houwen with Dalmacademy’s Dating Dutch (Saar)

We met Saar in May of 2011.

The first time we visited the Kruschat family, they were very welcoming and we had a long talk about raising a Dalmatian.

After we took Saar to our home, we had regular contact to discuss things; they were very approachable and it is nice to know that you can always contact the for advice. After that, we went back one more time with Saar to show her development. She grew up to become a very sweet, balanced, affectionate and enthusiastic dog that behaves very well indoors.
The piece below gives a good description of how she is now.

There she sits; looking like she’s the queen of Sheba……calm and decisive, like the whole world is lying at her feet.

Our Saar has been with us since July 2011 and has shown us many different sides so far.

Firstly, she acts a bit like a lumberjack: the carries garden tools and the gloves of the gardener around, walks around with huge branches and she loves to process them into smaller parts in our living room. When you tell her that’s not the right thing to do, she’ll give you that calm and friendly glance that’s so typical of her… but why not?; just allow me to do it, and what are you making a big deal about anyway? She has something sublime and superior in her character then.

This brings us to the next character trait… she’s not easily impressed by anything. Saar is very difficult to upset (she’s never upset, now that I think of it).  other Dalmatian, Piet, has also experienced this; he’s a quiet, sweet (5 year older) male that (unfortunately for Saar) doesn’t let anyone walk all over him. In the beginning, Piet let her know that she was not welcome in the basket and he made that very clear to her. Saar, who was still very young, would calmly stand just outside the basket; then would calmly look at him, and would let out a small bark now and then “Don’t you think it’s fun with me?” Ten seconds later she would try to calmly but decisively crawl into the basket. This kept her busy; barked out of the basket… patiently waiting and then coolly get back into the basket; “you just have to wear men out”, she must have thought.

But our Saar also had another, more robust side; her and Piet love each other. Piet is a strong and powerful dog, so as a somewhat weaker lady, you have to be sly when play fighting… playing and romping with a guy is fun, but as a woman, you shouldn’t get the worst of it, so what do you do in the heat of the battle? You grab his paw with your mouth and try to get him off balance, and if that doesn’t work, you aim for the softer parts!

In short; our Saar is a versatile lady. We love her and it’s great to have 2 Dalmatians, dashing and rampaging through our backyard. It’s a beautiful and very affectionate dog who is quite smart and knows exactly when they can do certain things or be mischievous.