Fam. Smaal with Dalmacademy’s DJ Dutch (Odin)

Almost 2 years ago, our Dalmatian Pongo passed away at age 14.
It was very quiet in the house.

So we decided to look for another Dalmatian.
After some searching on the internet, we ended up at Arne & Femke.
We contacted them and a week later we went to Germany.
Our daughter could choose a puppy.
There was one puppy who kept going back to her.
She also thought the puppy was very special because he had one blue eye.

A special dog had to get a special name.
He was named Odin.
This is the God of wisdom and vices.
Odin does his name justice.
Richard rides his bike with Odin at least three times a week.
Amber likes to skate with her big pal.
I started doing agility with Odin.
He’s very good at it.
We find Odin extremely sweet, intelligent, affectionate; a true friend kameraad.

Gr Smaal family