Jurgen & Pascale Vugts with Dalmacademy’s Double Dutch (Smits)

Writing a piece about Mister Smits, please! But where to start?
Our love at first sight when seeing the biggest puppy from the litter, three weeks old, with a big cowlick in his neck?
The memory of the moment when our children saw Smits for the first time?
Of looking at the pictures of the litter, thinking about how the loving care by Arne and Femke during the first weeks, to prepare the puppies for the real world?

So many beautiful things to look back on, and so many things to enjoy on a daily basis! 

Smiths has become a beautiful muscular male with a big torso! With his great stature he proudly walks through the village, and clearly shows he’s there. But actually, this appearance is not entirely consistent with his character. Femke already called him a good soul in the litter, and he stayed that way. He has a very sweet character, and is affectionate and very sensitive to the atmosphere. But then he starts to act like the man all of a sudden, even if a small fluffy white dog comes near him… but he’s also naughty, stubborn, proud and nice and active, like a real adolescent should be!

Smits has found his place in our male family. It’s beautiful to see how the boys, each of them in their own way, have become intimate friends with him. They don’t only want to romp, cuddle and play football with him in the backyard, but they’re also never reluctant to groom or walk him. And oh yeah, Smits is always willing to listen to their adolescent stories, which is very important! But also for us he’s become an indispensable member of the family; having fun outside (making kilometres), always a pal in the house and an unconditional friend!

We are very happy with Mister Smits! 

Jurgen & Pascale Vugts