Yanniek with Dalmacademy’s Dutch Desire (Bo)

Bo is a super sweet Dalmatian,
She is playful, sweet, cute, wakeful, and is sometimes a crazy lady 😉

Since I saw Bo there, I was already in love with her.
I had never seen such a beautiful, sweet, cute, nice dog before.
I immediately though: This is my dream dog.

Now that we have her, I’ve grown to love her even more.
We are always together.
Where I am, Bo is.
And where Bo is, I am.
We do everything together.
We always walk together.
And we always take pictures together !
And if something is wrong, she always comes to comfort me.
Sometimes she wants to swallow away my tears.

Bo also has a girlfriend she always walks with.
That’s the dog of a friend of mine.
Even though there is a big size difference between them; they are super sweet to each other!

I can’t wish for a sweeter dog !!!!!

I have so much more to say, but then this story would get way too long ,

x Yanniek