The upbringing of your Dalmatian puppy

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De opvoeding van uw DalmatierThe upbringing of your Dalmatian puppy already starts with us, the breeder.
The mother dog and us breeders teach the puppy some basic things, like becoming housebroken, and learning to not bite hard…
With us, your puppy will come into contact with all kinds of noises and situations in order to ensure proper socialisation.
This time at the breeder is very important. If the breeder doesn’t properly socialise the puppies, the owner will encounter difficulties in later stages of the upbringing.
Therefore, never buy a puppy from a puppy mill!

As soon as you’ve picked up your puppy from us, the difficult but also challenging task of the upbringing starts. Of course the puppy will already be enrolled in a puppy class. Our kennel folder will provide you with the most important information for future reference.
Of course, much information about Dalmatian dogs can also be found on the internet.

Here are some tips for the upbringing!
  • Immediately put the puppy outside after every meal and every time he wakes up, so he can relieve himself.
    This is the quickest way of getting your puppy housebroken.
  • Never leave your young puppy alone with small children. They don’t know each others language, which will end badly. It is your task to teach the dog to learn to respect the small child and to accept it as a part of his pack. It is also your job to teach your child to learn how to interact with the puppy and to not see the puppy as a toy.
  • Bring your puppy to as many places as possible. Let him get used to heavy traffic, different people, animals, objects, etc.  At the same time, teach the puppy to walk on the leash without pulling.
  • You have to play a lot with your puppy. This promotes the bond between you and your Dalmatian, which makes it a lot easier for him to learn to obey you.
  • You can bring your puppy to the bedroom during the first night(s). This promotes the bond and the trust the puppy will place in you as his new owner. As soon as the puppy is used to the new environment, scents and sounds, he won’t have much trouble sleeping downstairs in his basket by himself.
  • During the first period, the use of a so-called dog cage. You teach your Dalmatian to become housebroken at night much quicker, and at the same time your belongings are protected against attacks of demolition behaviour from your little rascal during times of your absence.
  • If you want to teach your puppy to come here, you have to start when they’re little. Let your dog off the leash in a safe area to sniff around. Call his name and extensively reward him if he comes over. Never leash the dog immediately after he comes over, but let him sniff around for a bit before you put him on the leash. Otherwise he will relate the good ‘come here’ behaviour with the fact he will be leashed again. No matter how difficult it is when you’re standing in the rain for 15 minutes, waiting and calling, do not punish your Dalmatian when he finally comes over.
    If you do, there is a big chance he won’t come at all the next time.
  • As soon as your puppy is used to the new situation, practice letting him stay home alone. Give the puppy a bone and don’t be out of his sight for more than two minutes. When you come back, the puppy will probably still be chewing on his bone, but he will see you came back. Slowly increase the time you’re staying away and make sure you don’t go back as soon as the puppy starts whining or squeaking. If you do come back then, he will think whining and squeaking has a purpose.
  • Make sure your puppy won’t become the boss. Commands have to be followed immediately, otherwise they have no value to them. If the dog whines because he wants to play, or if he’s squeaking next to his food bowl, don’t act on this. After all, it shouldn’t be the case that your puppy determines what’s going to happen.
  • When your puppy is eating from his food bowl, take the bowl away for a second before he’s completely finished. Hereby you provide the puppy with a clear signal that you are in charge. Make your Dalmatian sit, reward him and give him the bowl back.
  • If your puppy is properly raised and you have proudly passed the obedience training with him, it might be time for… a second Dalmatian!