In all those years of ups and downs, small puppies and the death of our beloved dogs. All questions from the puppy buyers, the advices we gave, the exhibition perils, the other breeders, our contacts abroad, and so on.
One point has always been our top priority:

Our kennel Dalmacademy’s stands for the breeding of breed specific Dalmatian dogs who are as healthy as possible!

As breeders, we of course love it when our dogs score well in exhibitions and we appreciate it when puppy buyers are willing to participate in an exhibition.
But all of this is of secondary importance to good health and a nice character.

We feel that the breeder has to do everything possible to breed a litter that is as healthy as it can be. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we have everything under control.
Nature is simply unpredictable and it’s always possible that puppies will be born that have something wrong with them.
That is why we always have a purchase agreement with our puppy buyers.

But what we can do as responsible breeders, we do:

  • All of our dogs are x-rayed to test them for HD.
  • The hearing of all of our puppies is tested and they will receive official results of this.
  • Our dogs have no conditions or other problems that would make then unsuitable for breeding.
  • Our dogs have a stable and calm character. In our opinion, Dalmatians should definitely not have a nervous or neurotic character.
  • Our female dogs are good mothers who can raise a litter of puppies themselves. Of course we “help” them by taking care of a litter, but that’s more because we like to do it, than that it’s necessary.
  • Our male dogs are definitely not overly dominant. They hold their own, but when it comes down to it, they are even sweeter than the female dogs.
  • Our puppies grow up in the house and are extensively socialised and paper-trained.

Since the start of our breeding we have been a member of several European clubs, such as the “Nederlandse Club voor Dalmatische honden” (NCDH) (Dutch Club for Dalmatian Dogs), in which we have actively participated in for years by working in several administrative positions.
Since we moved to Germany, we have been an active member of “Dalmatiner Verein Deutschland” (DVD) (Dalmatian Club Germany), in which one of us is currently the vice-president of.
We generously meet all the breeding regulations of both the German and Dutch breed club.

We feel that breeding Dalmatian dogs should never ever be at the expense of the dog itself, so never to honour and glorify ourselves.

By making original and healthy combinations, we try to make the best contribution possible for the survival of the breed.
The genes of our dogs have so far spread over all of Europe, all the way to Russia.

According to us, the success of our kennel is not determined by the many awards our dogs have already won, but by the loyalty and love we get from our dogs, every day.
In addition, the biggest compliment we get as a breeder, is the happiness of our puppy buyers for many years when buying their Dalmatian dog.

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